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Research Projects and Scholarships

Adaptive Refinement of Bayesian Networks

Development of appropriate methods for automated biomarker discovery in high-dimensional, incomplete health-care data

EHR DREAM Challenge - Patient Mortality Prediction | Link

Prediction of six-month all-cause mortality from electronic health records

LiSyM |

Liver Systems Medicine

Add-on Fellow @ Joachim-Herz-Stiftung | JHS

Add-on Fellowship for Interdisciplinary Life Science

Conferences and Meetings

ICSB (Okinawa) | ICSB 2019

Poster Presentation: Automatic Adaptive Refinement of Bayesian Networks for Biomarker Discovery from Heterogeneous Healthcare Data

Workshop on Computational Models in Biology and Medicine 2019 (Braunschweig) | Workshop 2019

Poster Presentation: A Bayesian Network Analysis of Epidemiological and Gene Expression Data on NAFLD

Summer School on Algebraic Statistics (Tromso) | alg-stat 2018

Contributed talk: Identification in the Dynamic Stochastic Blockmodel


Müller H., Godehard S. P., Palm G. J., Berndt L., Badenhorst C. P. S., Becker A.-K., Lammers M., Bornscheuer U. (2020)
Discovery and Design of Family VIII Carboxylesterases as Highly Efficient Acyltransferases.
Angew. Chemie, in press

Palma Medina L. M., Becker A.-K., Michalik S., Surmann K., Hildebrandt P., Gesell Salazar M., Mekonnen S., Kaderali L., Völker U. and van Dijl J. M. (2020)
Interaction of Staphylococcus aureus and host cells upon infection of bronchial epithelium during different stages of regeneration.
ACS Infectious Diseases

Becker A.-K. (2020)
GroupBN: Learn group Bayesian networks using hierarchical clustering.
R package, version 0.2.1

Müller H., Becker A.-K., Palm G. J., Berndt L., Badenhorst C. P. S., Godehard S. P., Reisky L., Lammers M., Bornscheuer U. T. (2020)
Sequence-based prediction of promiscuous acyltransferase activity in hydrolases.
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., vol. 59, issue 28, pp. 11607-11612

Becker A.-K., Holzmann H. (2019)
Nonparametric identification in the dynamic stochastic block model.
IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, vol. 65, no. 7, pp. 4335-4344;,

Palma Medina L. M., Becker A.-K., Michalik S., Yedavally H., Raineri E. J., Hildebrandt P., Gesell Salazar M., Surmann K., Pförtner H., Mekonnen S., Salvati A., Kaderali L., van Dijl J. M. and Völker U. (2019)
Metabolic cross-talk between human bronchial epithelial cells and internalized Staphylococcus aureus as a driver for infection.
Molecular & Cellular Proteomics, 18.5 (2019): 892-908;

Becker A.-K., Erfle H., Gunkel M., Beil N., Lisaukas T., Kaderali L., Starkuviene V. (2018)
Comparison of cell arrays and multi-well plates in microscopy-based screening.
High-Throughput 2018, 7(2), 13;


Nonparametric identification and estimation in static and dynamic stochastic networks

Master Thesis, 2017

Stabile Verteilungen und verallgemeinerter zentraler Grenzwertsatz

Bachelor Thesis, 2015