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Operon Prediction via Machine Learning approaches in Cyanobacteria using -Omics data (Christian Nitzsche)

Cyanobacteria are notorious nitrogen and carbon fertilizers, as well as producers of oxygen and a vast range of secondary metabolites. Their adaptation to environmental conditions is tightly linked to changes in the transcriptional profile and alterations of the composition of transcriptional units (TU). We want to systematically describe changes of cyanobacteria in communities in native-mimicking growth conditions to changing abiotic and biotic stresses. Different -Omics datasets will help to define features for machine learning approaches to classify operons and TUs. Further, the biosynthesis pathways of secondary metabolites as reaction mechanisms in microbial communities will be investigated to subsequent model regulatory networks. By this, reaction pattern should be described allowing to propose cyanobacterial applications for more efficient CO2 fixation, biofuel production or oxygen generation to improve enzymatic catalysis in sewage plants.

Correlation of -Omics data on phenotypic features in Community Medicine (Jan Oldenburg)

Community Medicine is of major importance to extract putative biomarker related to diseases and pinpoint to environmental conditions and other phenotypic features. In this respect, the usage of high-throughput methods for Transcriptomics, Proteomics and Metabolomics allow to create overall pictures of a specific level within the cell and can be used in combination to get more information on regualtory mechanisms explainging phenotypes. Beside the correlation and visualization of integrated Multi-Omics the other aim is to implement classifciation approaches via neural net, random forest and support vector machine methods to train based on given features the prediction for phenotypes like diseases.

Regulatory mechanisms in plants during abiotic stress including alternative splicing, RNA storage and protein modification (Jessica Bold)

Due to climate change the crop yield is influenced and for this reason it is important to understand stress response mechanisms in plants. Beside specific regulatory pathways affected by certain stresses also common stress response as an early indication for the plant is of major importance to understand the early and late steps in stress response of plants. Beside mRNA expression changes several post-transcriptional mechanisms like alterantive splicing, RNA storage, ncRNA regulation and protein modifications interconnect in this complex network. Using long and short reads as well as Ribo-Seq we want to understand the different levels of regulation in combination with phospho- and quantitative proteomics under gravitiy and heat stress.

Voronoi Treemaps for visualization of several -Omics data and functional assignment (alumnae Henning Wehrmann)

For the visualization of whole transcriptomics and proteomics and their functional assignment it is important to develop graphical user interfaces allowing a dynamic post-hoc analysis. For this reason we developed a standalone-toll based on Voronoi treemap creation to compare up to two similiar or different -Omics techniques in the context of functional hierarchies.

ncRNA and structure element prediction (alumane Henning Wehrmann, Heiko Dunkel, Robin Mayer)

Nowadays beside mRNA also the so called non-coding (ncRNA) become more and more important to understand the mechanisms within in the cell. Many ncRNA classes are understand bassed on their functionality, strcuture and sequence but most of them only in specific model organisms. For research topics in non-model organisms the identification and sub-classification of such ncRNA classes can lead to a more fine-grained regulatory network in such species. Further, these information can be used to predict novel ncRNAs and detect features improtant for their functionality.

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2017 - 2010

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